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Philippe Teichmann Projects Portfolio

Multi-Pathogen Agent-Based-Model (McGill)

Creation of a Multi-Pathogen Agent-Based-Model capable of accurately simulating the spread of multiple pathogens (SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, HRS, RSV...) in a synthetic population as well as pathogen-pathogen interactions within a host (in python).

Research project done at McGill under professor Caroline Wagner in Bioengineering (summer 2023 and fall 2023).

Skills: Python programming with an emphasis on data oriented paradigms for high performance computing. Assisting other researchers using the software. Implementing and developing systems from theoretical papers.

Architecture paper of the model (pathosim) [link]

Poster which provides an overview of the research:

Chess With Lasers (Commercial Game)

A turn-based strategy digital board game. Developed in Unity entirely by me (art, game design, programming), apart from the use of some VFX assets and SFX assets. Published on Steam.

Some features include: 

  • Local and Online Multiplayer (P2P)

  • Singleplayer against AI (minimax, pruning)

  • Level editor/creator (play and share levels you make), competitive mode, tutorial mode, steam achievements etc..

  • Iterative development with a testing QA team

  • Marketing campaign (PR)

Sold 2200+ copies, with 4000 total players if we include demo users. Grossed over 10 000$.

Covid Transmission Simulation

A simulation and visually representation of the spread of SARS-COV-2 in a store, according to user-specified simulation parameters. A general mathematical framework for estimating risk of airborne transmission of SARS-COV-2 given by the American Institute of Physics was implemented in a 3D real-time virtual setting populated with artificially intelligent shoppers.


Developed in Unity entirely by me (except some art).

Makes use techniques such as pooling, cpu time slicing, A* pathfinding, hash grids, finite state machines and more.

Explanation of  model [link]

Roman Triumph (upcoming commercial game 2024-2025)


Roman Triumph is a survival city-builder / colony-sim set in roman times. (Made in Unity and unpublished)

  • Procedurally generated, realistic landscape/map with animals, nature etc.​

  • Individually simulated citizens​

    • Humanoid animations​ (techniques such as animation baking used for performance)

    • Pathfinding with custom A* solution for performance​

    • AI capable of doing different jobs (gather resources, farm etc..)​

  • Building system, economy system, job hierarchy, research tree, social systems etc.​

First Person Shooter Prototype

Started as a baseline functionality prototype for a stealth FPS hitman game​.

FPS controller with realistic weapon animations done by a contracted artist, sounds and visual effects.​

Weapon customization system with realistic attachments​ which modify behavior of the weapon.

Focus on creating good game feel​ and realistic gunplay through detailed player feedback (shell casings, smoke etc.)

Enemy active ragdoll for realistic hit response with realistic blood visual effects.

Other (hardware projects)


  • An automated water pumping system for feeding water in indoor plants and trees. Comprised of an Arduino board, a capacitive water level sensor, a water pump and a LED display.  

  • A meccanum wheel robot equipped with an ultrasonic sensor capable of avoiding obstacles and moving in all direction. This was done with Lego Mindstorm.

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